About us

Here at Foxcubs Day Nursery we cater for children from newborn up to the age of five years old, offering a wide curriculum of activities for every child.


Photo of the owner, Helen Pollard
Helen Pollard

At Foxcubs Day Nursery we have three departments for the children and they are based upon their ages. We have Woodlands for the 0-2 age range, Foxcubs for the 2-3 ages and finally Pre-School for the 3-5 year olds.

about_us_leaf_2 about_us_leaf_3Qualified and trained staff are carefully selected for their loving and caring attitudes and it is important that children are praised and encouraged throughout all of their activities. Meet our team here.

We develop the children’s ideas and interests, encourage their goals and praise their achievements. Whatever hidden talents your little ones have, the staff will discover them and encourage your child to use these talents to their fullest potential.

Covering the seven areas of learning, we encourage lots of fresh air and many activities are on offer in our spacious garden area. To make life easier for those mums and dads with small babies we will provide nappies and wipes.

Foxcubs Day Nursery is here to offer a service to you and we aim to be as flexible as we possibly can.


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