Garden and Outdoors

With our large outdoor areas we are able to use them as additional rooms so activities can be taken and enjoyed outside just as much as they are inside.

Outdoor learning is welcomed and enjoyed here at Foxcubs through various areas such as our fabulous mud kitchen where the children’s imagination is fuelled.

Foxcubs and Pre-school each have their own transition area which gives the children the choice to free flow indoors to outdoors, enabling all areas of learning to be achieved whilst the children’s social, emotional and physical health is being enhanced.

Our little ones from Woodlands are well looked after as they have their own separate baby area that is fenced off from the hustle and bustle, keeping them safe and allowing them to explore the outside world for themselves. 

Through out the year we have different projects and activities where we grow our own flowers and vegetables and this helps the children recognise objects by sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. It also helps children to learn to care for and to also respect living things and handle them sensitively.

Our mud kitchen brings home experiences to life!

Children can make their mud pies and mud cakes, fill up their saucepans from the water butt and cook their mud cakes in the microwave. A huge amount of language is developed in this area as they pretend to be Mummy’s and Daddy’s.