Funding and Prices

Our prices at Foxcubs Day Nursery are normally fully inclusive of meals, snacks, drinks and nappies. This excludes Formula milk and breakfast.


Funding for 2 year old children is decided by the Family Information Service (FIS) and in order to find out if you are eligible for the 2 year funding you will need to phone them on 0800 542 02 02.

Every 3 and 4 year old child is eligible for Government funding.

Foxcubs Day Nursery will receive a basic amount per hour for your child up to a maximum of 15 hours per week. Three year old children will receive the eligible grant funding following the first term after their third birthday. This scheme is outside of Foxcubs Day Nursery pricing strategy, and is not all inclusive. (This funding covers the basic cost of childcare and does not include consumables such as drinks, snacks, food, nappies, accessories etc) You will receive further information from the setting when you meet with us.

In addition, from January 2020 working parents / carers of 3 and 4 year old who meet the qualifying criteria are eligible for an additional 570 hours (1,140 in total) free nursery provision a year until they start school. These sessions are also funded by the Local Authority and are known as the ‘Free Extended Entitlement’.

Parents / carers apply for the both entitlements via the nursery by completing the parent declaration form. Application for the Extended Entitlement requires a 30 hours eligibility code, which parents / carers must first apply for on-line through the Government’s Childcare Service.

We have prices for half day sessions, full day sessions and subsequently discounted prices for those in full day sessions all week.

We operate a £60.00 registration fee per child when registering with us as this is used to secure your little ones place and also covers our administration costs.

  • All fees are to be paid by BACS by the 1st of every month for the forth coming month.
  • Child care voucher schemes accepted.
  • Fees are reviewed bi-annually and are effective from the 1st of April and October each year.
  • Late Pick Up charges will be applied to cover insurance and staff costs.
  • Full details and Terms & Conditions will be provided when you meet with us.

Frequent Questions

What is not included in the meals and snacks?

Breakfast is not included, however this can be supplied at an additional cost of £2.00 per child per breakfast.

Is there an afternoon snack?

Yes, there is an afternoon snack but it is just that – a snack. Your little ones will need to have tea when they are home in the evening.

Are the lunchtime meals varied?

We take into consideration the recommended ‘5 a day‘ and incorporate many different vegetables and fruit as we can on our 4 weekly cycle menus.

For further information about meals and snacks then please take a look at our Kitchen and Nutrition page.

Our Prices

These are the prices that are effective from 1st April 2023.

All children ages
Morning Session  £40.50
Afternoon Session  £40.50
All day Session  £74.50
Friday until 2.50pm Session (starting 1st June 2020)  £59.00