Shared Learning

Your little ones journey through their time with us is very important and we ask you as parents to share this journey with us.

Every child has an online learning journey through Tapestry to record their proud moments, the wonderful things they learn and special moments they want to share. We ask you as parents to help contribute to their story.

All the fun activities that you do with your child at home are  important in supporting their learning and development, and have a really long lasting effect on your child’s learning as they progress through into school.

We love to hear about all the wonderful things you do with your children. Whether it is a walk in the park, a visit to family and friends, the completion of a new puzzle or a new member of the family we would love to share in your experiences.

How you can help?

Your little ones progress at different rates and with different people, so they may achieve a goal with you at home that we may not have seen at nursery.

To keep an eye on your little ones progression of development and to be able to create an EYFS profile, we need you to share the experiences and achievement’s they have so we can extend on their learning at nursery.

If your little one learns something new or if your little one has a proud moment then please share it with us. We will do the same back.

Please keep us updated with all the exciting things you do at home. You can do this through:

  • Emailing us photos
  • Emailing us stories
  • Wow vouchers (Written)
  • Wow photos to show achievements
  • Activity sheets
  • All About Me‘ termly sheets
  • Uploading photos to Tapestry
  • Add information to their About Me section on Tapestry
  • Come and see what your little one gets up to at Nursery and book a ‘Parent Play Day‘.

You as parents are their best educators, we are just trying to help fill in the gaps.