Our mission

Everyday is a different adventure and imagination will grow and grow. We encourage children to learn through play and develop their imaginations in an environment which can support this.

Foxcubs mission is to maintain high quality childcare and evolve by adapting to change and therefore always allowing Foxcubs to move forward.

Foxcubs offers a high quality care where children are respected as individuals and are encouraged to learn at their own pace in a warm and welcoming home from home environment.

Delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage is essential to the development of children and we will deliver this to the highest standard.

We have ethical values of honesty, democracy and respect for those different faiths. We teach the children these values and accept all children irrespective of their ethnicity, home language, family background, learning disability, gender or ability.


Foxcubs Day Nursery has been awarded with ‘The Bristol Standards Quality Improvement for Birth to Five‘ certificate!